Sunday, June 6, 2010

I've gotten real busy this week with the start of work and the internet at my place wasn't working for a few days but I'm back with a few thoughts for this post.

1. The Celtics looked bad in Game 1 of the Finals but tonight they turned it around and got the win — even with Pierce and KG struggling. Ray Allen was out of his mind in the first half, Rondo still can't shoot consistently but had another triple-double, Rasheed actually played well, and Big Baby is a monster — I don't care what anybody says.

2. Glad to see my boy Miguel Cotto getting another win. From what I saw in the highlights he looked good. When you think about it, he's only lost to a cheater (Margarito) and the best right now (Pacquiao). That loss to Margarito indirectly had a real impact on his career though — because of the beating he took from Margarito's plastered hands he bleeds real easily now. Not good.

3. I went to my first WNBA game on Saturday night. It was between the Mystics and the Dream and to be honest, it was a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be. It was good basketball and the crowd was really into it. I think I'm covering the Mystics-Liberty game on Saturday night. It'll probably be my first time working on deadline this summer but I'm pretty excited.

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