Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finally in DC/Kobe-MJ argument?

The summer has officially begun.

I got to the District on Saturday with the fam and settled in and all that. We made a couple trips to some stores before they left on Sunday and since then I've just been settling in. Today was my first day of work and it went real well. I'm looking forward to my summer at the Post and in D.C. Today was all intros and training but tomorrow I'm going out to the Redskins last practice before training camp so that should be cool.

I know, I know. I picked the Celtics to sweep the Magic and they didn't. But it's cool cause they just did it in six games.

I haven't had cable since I got here but I guess Kobe did his best MJ impression to finish out the Suns — and now I'm hearing all these Kobe-MJ comparisons. No one is on MJ's level. I got three reasons why.

1. People say Kobe can finish with six or seven rings and challenge MJ for the best ever when all's said and done. That means he needs to win 2 or 3 more (and the first 3 came with Shaq as the best player on the team). And don't forgot how MJ was (rumored to have been) forced out of the NBA for basically two seasons. He could've easily finished with eight rings instead of six.

2. Kobe models his game after Jordan. On the other hand, Jordan was the trendsetter — no one played like MJ before he did.

3. The NBA was much more physical when MJ played. Nowadays fouls are called much more frequently on purpose — the NBA wants more scoring. On the perimeter Kobe gets a lot more space to do work than MJ did.

That's just my opinion.

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