Monday, May 24, 2010

UPR strike and Celtics

University of Puerto Rico student strike

I don't think many people know but a lot of things have been going in Puerto Rico in the last year — and they're not good. Governor Luis Fortuño has decided the best way to deal with the island's huge deficit is by firing thousands of people from government jobs, which led to a huge strike in October; drug trafficking continues to rise, leading to more and more violence (30% of all drugs in the U.S. goes through PR); and for the past month there has been a strike at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, which is a part of San Juan. The students are striking after the university system, which consists of 11 campuses and over 62,000 students, announced huge budget cuts that many believe will hurt low-income students and other issues. Those striking want an alternative and more transparency for university finances. Right now all 11 campuses are shut down.

The fact that these students have been striking for five weeks is pretty crazy but what's crazier is the police brutality going on. Students are housing themselves in makeshift campus trying to force negotiations. And they need food. Thing is, the police isn't letting anyone bring in food to the students. According to reports, a father was beaten when he tried to get food to his son.

Whether you agree with what the these people are doing is up to you (for one, my parents have been told that a lot of those supporting the strike are older people disconnected from the situation, while most students are indifferent about the situation.) But the brutality involved — and the lack of coverage in the U.S. — is gross. It wasn't until May 20 that the New York Times published a story about this situation. Too bad that the strike began on April 21. Yes, that's almost a month later.

Check this out to get more info, etc.:

Celtics sweep?

So tonight is game 4 between the Celtics and the Magic — is it time to get the brooms out? Saturday night's game was a joke. I barely watched it. All I gotta say is that I didn't expect the Celtics to dominate the series the way they have. Then again when I think of how the Celtics are dominating it makes sense. The Magic live and die by the 3. All season they've dumped the ball down to Dwight and if he got double teamed he'd kick the ball out for a 3 or eat up someone down low if it was 1 on 1. But the Celtics don't need to double team him because they got the personnel to deal with him — and he has no post moves. Perkins and Rasheed have been exposing "Superman" all series. Without having to double team him, the guys on the perimeter need to create off the dribble and basically no one on the Magic can. Carter's too old, Nelson is being shut down by Rajon, and Rashard Lewis is proving to be the most overpaid dude in the NBA. Celtics are probably gonna put the Orlando Tragic away tonight and have some time to get ready for whoever they play in the Finals, which they need considering their age. And I think the Celtics should be the favorites in the Finals, no matter who they play.

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